Are You Ready for the Ongoing Love, Support and Coaching from Janet Grace,

& The Connection of Soul Sista's
Motivated to Love Their Life?

Join our "SOUL" Sista 'Love Your Life' Private Community!

Dear Amazing Soul Sistas,

   I am ecstatic that we are on this extraordinary journey of life together...
Life really is so much better when shared with others. :)

    After leading Sacred Retreats for almost 20 years, the #1 wish of every woman has been to 
"stay connected" with each other. 

Many of you have expressed that desire because leaving a transformational retreat and going back home feels like loosing the warmth of the campfire with all the connected sisters around it. 

So I decided to create that campfire feeling in a community for you to continue to grow and be able to stay together & connected to serve that #1 request.

    We want to stay together and share our hearts, our desires, and challenges that help us to grow & expand in so many ways. 

Being together makes our journeys (ups & downs) so much sweeter & easier when we're on it with other loving, supportive sisters.

So are you feeling like you’re ready to…

* Bring your most important relationships to a higher level of intimacy, Joy and happiness?

* To start a new business or new career that makes you jump out of bed excited to start the day?

* Fit into your “lil black dress” that you’ve been wanting to feel amazing in, going to a special occasion & feeling hot?

* Allow more financial freedom into your life & eliminate the stress of not having enough?

* Feel the deep self confidence that allows you to make decisions easily and effortlessly?

...And Be in a LOVE Community with other Amazing Sista's on the same journey?

These are just a few of the amazing transformations you can make in your life with my ongoing support & coaching and the Love of our sister community. 

And it's so much more Fun to be on this Soulful journey with other amazing, conscious women who are also exploring their Soul's expansion.

   So, I am ecstatic to be offering our "Love Your Life" Community, a Private Membership that I have created to support your Soul's Success in every area of your life:

*Spiritual Growth 
*Dynamic Relationships
*Fulfilling Work
*Financial Freedom
*Vibrant Health & Well Being

  You will no longer feel alone & isolated and away from the campfire on your Soul's journey. 

  You will be surrounded & lovingly supported by extraordinary women who also are living from "Love & Above".

 And we will be soaring in our Spiritual knowing of ourselves as extraordinary, creative, loving Souls here to Be, Do, Have, & Give even more every day.

This "Love Your Life" NOW Community Private Membership will include :

* Janet Grace will be presenting a 1 hour Live Inspirational Teachings (2 x/month) with Q & A to allow your Soul to have a safe & Sacred space to ask questions in whatever area you need help.
 (Zoom & Facebook)

* Monthly "Soul Expanding" Themes with Inspirational videos, meditations & messages to keep you on a higher vibration so you can easily implement your personal goals in a new way.

* A Soul Sista Community of loving, supportive women who are on this beautiful 
"Love Your Life" expansion journey with you.

* Weekly Inspirational Guided Meditations for you to listen to 
when you need that Spiritual pick-me-up.

* A Spiritual Library of amazing tools to inspire your consistent growth in every area of 
your Life that we will use as guideposts during our monthly expansion themes.

* Plus, a "Book of the Month" that will align with our theme to be able to go deeper 
and embody the spiritual principle of whatever we are growing through that month.

BONUS: Full Moon monthly message & meditation
that will keep you in alignment with the cosmic energy field 
that we are all a part of, that helps you stay connected 
to each other and all of life.

Since you will be loving members of our “Love Your Life” Community, 
this is a special price as an ongoing membership. 

In the future, the tuition for new members will be significantly higher.

I'm truly honored to have you in this Sacred Circle around the campfire!

What Sista's Are Saying:
Melanie Stout
“ I really loved it all, especially the bonding & sharing with the beautiful women. I also loved the unexpected shifts and the guided meditations.” ~Sonja SO

"I feel that my heart and love of self has expanded and strengthened. I will be leaving here a little brighter as I let go of my self doubt. I have opened space for confidence that will catapult me to the next level.” ~Linda C

“ I loved painting our “Goddess Angel” selves, the outdoor yoga and amazing hikes.” ~Laurie H

Lauri Strain
Marianne Delaney Wright 

“Thank you Janet Grace, Another several layers have been shed and I feel lighter. I Love you so much for all you do for the world.” ~Lauri S

“ I loved being together as women empowering and loving each other. And asking myself, “What would I Love?”. Thank you Janet Grace for all you do. Love you so much.” ~Melanie S
Jenny Parker
More Praise for Janet Grace...
"...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
“Janet was INSTRUMENTAL in helping me manifest my dream home. She worked with me through the process and her help allowed me to easily enjoy and have fun with the process, and it happened so fast!
Janet is a genius at helping you find your purpose and passion too! Reach out to her! “

Laurie Conrod - Dana Point, CA
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
“Oh my Heart is sooo Grateful for Janet Grace’s Coaching, she helped me see what I couldn’t see for myself; to take the blinders off and step into my Passion. She helped me leave my J.O.B. and have the Courage to live the life I was meant to live & help the people I am here to serve. And now I’ve been able to do this for the last 4 years, my life is Free and I’m making a difference everywhere I go. The best decision I made was to work with Janet Grace, now it’s your turn. :)”
Melanie Stout - Murrieta, CA 
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
“Thank you so much Janet. It feels wonderful to Trust more, listen more and Love myself more than I ever have.  I am so full of gratitude for you and all you have helped me with.  Living a life of freedom and abundance is what I know I am meant to do and that God wants for me and everyone. So proud of myself for acknowledging that. Love you tons!!”
Lauri Strain - Templeton, CA
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