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V.I.P New Life “GamePlan” Day with Janet Grace

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Elevate YourSelf to Discover your True magnificence & Define your Purpose to Deliver your Unique Gifts & make a difference!!!
* Are you the type of person who likes to get results fast?
      * Are you ready to take charge of your Life’s direction & create a Vision for your heart lead Life ?
      * Are you ready to get Clarity & Confidence for the next phase of your Life?
      * Are you ready to live at the Highest level of your Soul’s Purpose?

If you answered “YES” then you are ready for a V.I.P Power day with Love Your Life Coach, Janet Grace, that is designed to catapult your Suc-cess and help you “Create the Life you Love”. 

Janet’s expertise is helping conscious people to live with Passion & Purpose & Prosper doing what you Love and feeling deeply connected to you and your Life.

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Investment in You: 

6 Hour VIP Day with 2 Follow-Up Calls: $1,997
3 Hour VIP Day with 1 Follow-Up Call: $997

2024 Jumpstart Special 3 Hour VIP Day $500

Instructor: Janet Grace Nelson,
Certified Life Mastery Consultant & Coach

Janet@JanetGrace.Love (818) 378-8663
Visit Website for More info: www.JanetGrace.Love

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Dynamically Updated

 Once the Program begins, no refunds are issued.

My VIP “GamePlan” Days are designed to give you exactly what you need in a private, relaxed environment.

This VIP Day is packed with dynamic processes as we focus on areas that are of greatest importance to you as we use your life’s curriculum.

In this Dynamic VIP Day 
You will:
  • Get Clarity & know exactly what you need to do next that will give you the results that you desire with the least effort.
  • Identify & Release Mindset blocks & patterns that are holding you back from living the Life you are truly meant to.
  • Design a Clear Vision that comes from your Hearts calling & makes you feel alive and want to jump out of bed each morning excited to start the day.
  • Create practical Action steps & Spiritual strategies & practices to support your New Life path.

Each section is designed to help you experience how truly Powerful you are and transform your life to Be, Have and Give More. 

You will gain the Mo-mentum necessary for Real Growth and have highly structured practices that will take you to the next level of your life…NOW!!! 

• Hands-On, personalized  coaching for the duration of the program.

6 hours In person, phone, or via Zoom with 2 follow up calls
3 hours In person, phone, or via Zoom with 1 follow up call

 Once the Program begins, no refunds are issued.

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