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 Are you Ready to say "YES" to Live with Passion & Purpose 
and Create a Life I truly LOVE...NOW?

Join us in this 
3 Day Live Virtual Experience with Janet Grace:

October 21-23, 2021

It's Time to Unlock Your Passion & Purpose & 
truly Prosper Doing What you LOVE...

   This is NOT a Dress rehearsal, say "Yes" to You Today!!!

   Write your NEW Life Story & LOVE Your Life !!!

Want to Learn The Keys to Loving Your Life, instead of Muddling Through Life....?

In this Powerful 3 Day Virtual Live Experience…

  "Live With Passion, Purpose & Prosper"

You Will:

  • Get Crystal Clarity on your Hearts deepest desires and how to live more authentically from your Heart.
  • Learn New ways to open your Heart and live from Love and Not Fear, so you can move forward with confidence.
  • Identify the most sabotaging habits & beliefs that are holding you back from living the best version of You in every aspect of your life.
  • ​Connect with your core values to align with your Heart as you learn to live with greater Passion in everything you do.

…And that’s just Day 1 ~ PASSION
October 21, 10am - 5pm PST

Then on Day 2 ~ PURPOSE
October 22, 10am - 5pm PST

  • We will go deep into your Soul’s Calling and identify your “Big Why?” and Connect with your essence for your Divine Purpose in this lifetime
  • You will learn to truly Believe in yourself & your Divine Purpose and what you came to Be, Do, Have & Give 
  • You will Learn Powerful tolls to build your Trust, Faith & Belief muscles in ways you can use everyday
  • ​You will understand the importance of connecting to your Being while you are Doing the activities in your life
  • ​You will find New ways stop feeling overwhelmed & live with deeper Peace everyday 
  • ​You connect with your True, Authentic Self and fall in Love with You in a way that makes you show up Real everyday.

Then on Day 3 ~ PROSPER
October 23, 10am - 2pm PST

  • We will be taking a Deep Dive into the Visions you have for your Future and all the ways you can Serve with your Passion & Purpose to make a difference in the World.
  • We will be removing obstacles and thoughts that have held you back from Aligning with the Laws of Abundance. 
  • We will be Taking your Power back to truly live with Time & Money Freedom on your terms.

In what ways is your Soul longing to make it’s mark in the world?

 * Is there a cause that you’ve been wanting to contribute to, 
but you haven’t said “Yes” to your Calling?
 * How do you Feel about yourself saying “Yes” to your Heart?
* What are your next steps?
* Are you ready to make a commitment to your Soul’s Calling?

~ There is POWER in making Decisions from your Heart and not your Head. As you learn to listen to your inner wise one, you will start committing to moving forward and taking the Inspired Action steps from Love & Above.

~ This is a beautiful way to create a life you truly Love & live to make a difference with your Passion & Purpose.

~ This is enormously rewarding and worthy of your time & talent to contribute your Passion in making the World a better place to live in.

   ….We’re ALL Here to Give our Genius in ALL the ways our Hearts are Calling us.

Janet's Clients are Saying:

“LOVE - a simple, powerful word for my experience with Janet Grace. She embodies it, shares it, teaches it, inspires it. Is there a greater compliment to be had? Her practical experience and decades of training on her spiritual life coaching path coalesce in her powerful training courses. I just completed the 12-week "Set Yourself FREE...NOW!" program, and I can boldly say my life, my being is forever up-leveled as a result.”
                                   ~ Elizabeth Ross

"I have worked with Janet on and off for many years. I couldn’t imagine trying to navigate through life without her! She has more energy and enthusiasm for life than anyone I have ever known! She is one of those people that I will have in my life FOREVER!!"
                         ~ Theresa Deliberto

“Janet Grace has been a true Spiritual guide for me. I have more confidence in speaking up for myself and moving forward on my dreams for my life. My relationships are richer and I am so happy and fulfilled in my life.” ~ Jessica Bird

"As a LIFE coach Janet Grace is just simply the BEST ! She is thorough, sensitive and competitive for everything you get from her service. I have a new direction and life because of Janet and her work. Hurry before she's completely booked !"
                                                                                    ~ Albert Holguins

“Grace is unconditional LOVE. I always feel calmer while experiencing a deeper sense of empowerment whenever I spend any amount of time with this earth angel. If you're ready to say to "YES" to yourself and be in a safe space to explore your innermost desires and literally Master being a co-creator of your life, call Grace. I assure you, she knows whatever you've been through or are going through because of her own heroine's journey. The lessons she has learned are the gifts that she shares with us. She is an inspiration to us all and I am honored to be sharing this journey together.”
                                                                                                  ~ Cat Maida

“Janet Grace is a ray of light!
Just being in her energy center you feel enlightened and your chakras come to alignment! She truly embodies clarity, confidence and courage helping her clients to get to fulfillment they crave .. doing so passionately !
                                                                                          ~ Tania Dalmani

“Life Mastery Coach indeed! If you are holding yourself small and struggling with stepping forward to making a shift into living in a life that you love and are meant to have, Janet is certainly a "go to" coach to help you get there!”
                                                                                          ~ Maureen Ewing

More SUCCESS Stories!

Lil - Moving from running a restaurant/brewery that she was uninspired to
continue being of service in, to Opening a Lingerie shop, ( a 32 year Dream ) feeling a huge sense of self-confidence & fulfillment

Debi- Taking her Life journey as a victor after a many years of abuse getting certified to teach Journaling to Self, Empowering women who had been abused to help heal & create a new life for themselves with a renewed sense of Self.

Dawn - Empowered herself to move out of a long marriage that was complete and finding Joy in teaching children about edible weeds and herbs & creating workshops to share & inspire others to greater health and nutrition.

Janis - She found her inner Artist that was begging to be heard and seen and creating beautiful wearable art that expresses a deep part of her Soul and is gaining her strength to change careers.

Diane - Taking an idea of “ The Miracle Project” a vision to educate the public on the wonders & miracles of Autistic children through the musical , the movie and the music CD.

Karen - Empowering herself to focus on her creativity and start a Jewelry design business that has opened doors to doing shows & selling
 her designs to stories in California & Mexico.

Ann - Re-Awakening a dream in her heart to have a Truffle farm and create something that connects her to her roots and she can leave a legacy behind for her family. and designing a Vision & plan for her retirement that makes her feel alive and grateful for the amazing company she established and be able to move on with ease & grace.

Janet Worked Closely with Barbara Marx Hubbard,
Listen to Her Talk About Janet:

Are you LOVING YOUR LIFE right now?

Learn The Keys to Loving Your Life, instead of Muddling Through Life....

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 Once the Event begins, no refunds are issued.

The "Live with Passion, Purpose & Prosper...Doing What You Love"  
3 Day Live Virtual Event Program Includes:
  • 3 Days of Magical Instruction and Coaching to give you the Keys and Practices To A Life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity
  • Playsheets to downloads to complete to help you live your authentic, heart based Self
  • ​Private Facebook page for discussion and support
  • ​Daily "LOVE" Giveaways"
  • PLUS : 3 Amazing Bonuses
  • 1. “Chakra Opening” Meditation mp3
  • ​2. “Dynamic Heart Opening Guided Meditations
  • ​3. Opportunities to be in the "Heart Seat" to get one-on-one coaching with Janet Grace

You will Love this engaging, supportive experience with Janet Grace.

She has helped 1000's of women find their deepest hearts desires, leading to a Life they LOVE!

•3 Days of Hands-On coaching for the duration of the program.

Once the Event begins, no refunds are issued.

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More Praise for Janet Grace….  
“Oh my Heart is sooo Grateful for Janet Grace’s Coaching, she helped me see what I couldn’t see for myself; to take the blinders off and step into my Passion. She helped me leave my J.O.B. and have the Courage to live the life I was meant to live & help the people I am here to serve. And now I’ve been able to do this for the last 4 years, my life is Free and I’m making a difference everywhere I go. The best decision I made was to work with Janet Grace, now it’s your turn. :)”
                                                                                  ~ Melanie Stout-Norton

“I am so grateful that I have and am working with Janet Grace. She has helped me find, create, and implement my life's path that I only could see glimpse before I met her. My friends and family see a totally different person in my shoes. I see a totally different person as well. I am happier, anxiety free, and love my life. I no longer dread going to my job everyday, instead I am an owner of my own company and love what I do. Thank you Janet, You have helped me change my life in a short amount of time!”
                                                                          ~ Rachel, Marina Del Rey, CA

I'm so excited to be in Janet Grace's The Heart of Courageous Living Elite Mastermind group! Janet Grace's inspired teaching, wisdom and techniques are producing incredible motivation and proven action steps to take my doTerra business to amazing success. She has elevated my thinking, my life! I am so grateful for her precious loving spirit that is guiding me on the next chapter of my life.
       ~ Marianne Delany Wright

“Janet was INSTRUMENTAL in helping me manifest my dream home. She worked with me through the process and her help allowed me to easily enjoy and have fun with the process, and it happened so fast!   ~ Laurie Conrod

"Janet has a calm, loving presence that made me feel so at ease. In 2017, I was in a real slump in both my business and my personal life. I was aching for a change. I didn't know what I needed but I knew the person to call. Working with Janet Grace is a game changer. Even though I teach many of the same concepts to my clients, it's a whole different thing to have someone else coach you through the process. After just one session, my life returned to technicolor, then we went deeper. I promise working with Janet Grace will be the best investment you'll ever make. Hands-down!"
                                                                                          ~ Linda Beach

"Life coach extraordinaire!!!! Gentle, wise and thought provoking guide to reaching for the next level in life and love!!! Thanks to Janet Grace coaching, I have the clarity and tools to handle anything that comes up in life and enjoy life more than ever before.”
                         ~ Nancy Holguins

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