"Love Your Life" Coaching Programs with Janet Grace

Are you ready for Clarity on your SOUL's Calling?

Go on a Deep Dive into your SOUL's longings and gain the Clarity & Confidence you have been searching for. Janet Grace will take you on a journey of your Heart and open you up to greater possibilities that have been waiting for you to discover, so you can move forward with a sense of Passion & Purpose to live your SOUL's Calling...NOW!!!

Self Study Coaching Progams

"Follow Your Heart"  Self Study Course

This dynamic Heart centering Program will help you open your Heart & design a life you truly Love from a deeper connection to your authentic Self to live your deepest heart's desires. In this program, you will establish a more intimate relationship with yourself and your heart's Wisdom. You will learn to discern and trust the wisdom of your heart to guide you in every area of your life.

Start “Follow Your Heart” and change your life.

 One-On-One Personalized Coaching Progams

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life...NOW?

This Powerful, Personalized-To-You 90 Day Private Program helps you take charge of your Life’s direction & truly “Set YourSelf Free...NOW” to expand & grow in areas that matter most to your Heart. 

Write Your NEW Life story, based in Self-honesty & Truth & Vision...and start living it, Today!!! 

We will go on an intimate journey of your SOUL's yearning and connect to your Chakras (energy centers) within you that will assist you in releasing blocked energy and clearing your field for the great creation of your Heart's desires to LadyFest quickly.

Isn't it Time to “Set YourSelf Free NOW”?    All the Juicy details are here for You!!!

Are you Ready to Catapult Your Life...FAST?

V.I.P New Life “GamePlan” Day with Janet Grace!
Elevate YourSelf to Discover your True magnificence & Define your Purpose to Deliver your Unique Gifts & make a difference!!!

V.ision your New Life from your Open Heart
I.nspired Action to Move Forward with Clarity, Confidence & Cour-age
P.rosper Doing what you Love with Passion & Purpose

This VIP New Life “GamePlan” is designed to give you exactly what you need in a private, relaxed environment. This VIP Day is packed with dynamic processes as we focus on areas that are of greatest importance to you as we use your life’s curriculum. 

You will leave with a Dynamic, Customized LIFE "Game Plan" that you start using Now to move your Life forward in a powerful, dynamic way!!!

Your personalized V.I.P. GamePlan Day Starts Here! 

Join our...SOUL Sista "LOVE" Community

Connect with a Beautiful Community of Loving, Supportive sista's...encouraging each others Success!!!


Our SOUL Sista LOVE community is a group of loving, supportive women, like yourself that are uplifted by each other as we stay committed to our personal growth and reach for all that we are here to Be, Do, Give & Have in this lifetime.

We encourage each other to reach higher and to  share our hearts, our desires, and challenges that help us to grow & expand in so many ways.

It is my greatest honor & pleasure to inspire & empower you every step of the way!!!

Being together makes our journeys (ups & downs) so much sweeter & easier when we're on it with other loving, supportive sisters.

The HeART of Courageous Living- 6 Month Program

Elevate your Life with our 6 Month ELITE Private Power Program & design your Life’s expanded journey with the energy & focus of Love & Above...
This Powerful 6 Month Elite Program is specifically designed to help you focus on You & your Personal & Spiritual Growth combined with Conscious business Plans and efforts to get lasting results. 

          There is no better commitment to your life than saying “Yes” to you.  

You have taken the very first, gigantic step toward more Freedom, Fulfillment and Fun! We will go through some powerful processes, Spiritual practices and exercises that will expand your awareness of the Power you wield while anchoring an unbeatable habit in your mind and Soul. 

Our Year Long "SOAR Your SOUL" 
Success Program

This Dynamic Yearlong Program is designed to help you with the expansion & delivery of your Soul’s Calling to bring your Genius to the world in a systematic & simplified way. Each month we will anchor ourselves in the energy & theme of the month to align with the aspect of your Soul’s growth and expansion from a deep place of Love. 

12 months of personalized support from Janet Grace can elevate your life in ways you haven't even imagined yet.

When you "Soar Your Soul" you have said "Yes" to Yourself at the highest level, to gain the highest level of joy, happiness and love in all areas of your life.

Please contact Janet Grace directly at janet@janetgrace.love to inquire if this program is a good fit for you and your goals.

Our LOVE Gift to You!!!
7 Day "Self Love" Journey 

This 7 Day Self Love Journey shares 7 Powerful Love practices to help raise the frequency of Love in your heart for yourself and how you relate to the world within & around you.
As you practice these 7 Keys you are raising the vibration of Love, which brings happiness, love and your desires into your life. 

You will also become aware of when you are Not operating from “Love & Above”, so you can pivot, and bring more love and joy into your life. 

Receive the “7 Day Self Love Journey” video series.

LOVE stories from our Clients...Yours is next!!!

“LOVE - a simple, powerful word for my experience with Janet Grace. She embodies it, shares it, teaches it, inspires it. Is there a greater compliment to be had? Her practical experience and decades of training on her spiritual life coaching path coalesce in her powerful training courses. I just completed the 12-week "Set Yourself FREE...NOW!" program, and I can boldly say my life, my being is forever up-leveled as a result.”
                                   ~ Elizabeth Ross

"I have worked with Janet on and off for many years. I couldn’t imagine trying to navigate through life without her! She has more energy and enthusiasm for life than anyone I have ever known! She is one of those people that I will have in my life FOREVER!!"
                         ~ Theresa Deliberto

“Janet Grace has been a true Spiritual guide for me. I have more confidence in speaking up for myself and moving forward on my dreams for my life. My relationships are richer and I am so happy and fulfilled in my life.” ~ Jessica Bird

"As a LIFE coach Janet Grace is just simply the BEST ! She is thorough, sensitive and competitive for everything you get from her service. I have a new direction and life because of Janet and her work. Hurry before she's completely booked !"
                                                                                    ~ Albert Holguins

“Grace is unconditional LOVE. I always feel calmer while experiencing a deeper sense of empowerment whenever I spend any amount of time with this earth angel. If you're ready to say to "YES" to yourself and be in a safe space to explore your innermost desires and literally Master being a co-creator of your life, call Grace. I assure you, she knows whatever you've been through or are going through because of her own heroine's journey. The lessons she has learned are the gifts that she shares with us. She is an inspiration to us all and I am honored to be sharing this journey together.”
                                                                                                  ~ Cat Maida

“Janet Grace is a ray of light!
Just being in her energy center you feel enlightened and your chakras come to alignment! She truly embodies clarity, confidence and courage helping her clients to get to fulfillment they crave .. doing so passionately !
                                                                                          ~ Tania Dalmani

“Life Mastery Coach indeed! If you are holding yourself small and struggling with stepping forward to making a shift into living in a life that you love and are meant to have, Janet is certainly a "go to" coach to help you get there!”
                                                                                          ~ Maureen Ewing

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More LOVE from Janet's Clients...
"...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
“Janet was INSTRUMENTAL in helping me manifest my dream home. She worked with me through the process and her help allowed me to easily enjoy and have fun with the process, and it happened so fast!
Janet is a genius at helping you find your purpose and passion too! Reach out to her! ”

Laurie Conrod - Dana Point, CA
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
“Oh my Heart is sooo Grateful for Janet Grace’s Coaching, she helped me see what I couldn’t see for myself; to take the blinders off and step into my Passion. She helped me leave my J.O.B. and have the Courage to live the life I was meant to live & help the people I am here to serve. And now I’ve been able to do this for the last 4 years, my life is Free and I’m making a difference everywhere I go. The best decision I made was to work with Janet Grace, now it’s your turn. :)”
Melanie Stout - Murrieta, CA 
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
“Thank you so much Janet. It feels wonderful to Trust more, listen more and Love myself more than I ever have.  I am so full of gratitude for you and all you have helped me with.  Living a life of freedom and abundance is what I know I am meant to do and that God wants for me and everyone. So proud of myself for acknowledging that. Love you tons!!”
Lauri Strain - Templeton, CA

“I am so grateful that I have and am working with Janet Grace. She has helped me find, create, and implement my life's path that I only could see glimpse before I met her. My friends and family see a totally different person in my shoes. I see a totally different person as well. I am happier, anxiety free, and love my life. I no longer dread going to my job everyday, instead I am an owner of my own company and love what I do. Thank you Janet, You have helped me change my life in a short amount of time!”
                                                                          ~ Rachel, Marina Del Rey, CA

I'm so excited to be in Janet Grace's The Heart of Courageous Living Elite Mastermind group! Janet Grace's inspired teaching, wisdom and techniques are producing incredible motivation and proven action steps to take my doTerra business to amazing success. She has elevated my thinking, my life! I am so grateful for her precious loving spirit that is guiding me on the next chapter of my life.
       ~ Marianne Delany Wright

"Janet has a calm, loving presence that made me feel so at ease. In 2017, I was in a real slump in both my business and my personal life. I was aching for a change. I didn't know what I needed but I knew the person to call. Working with Janet Grace is a game changer. Even though I teach many of the same concepts to my clients, it's a whole different thing to have someone else coach you through the process. After just one session, my life returned to technicolor, then we went deeper. I promise working with Janet Grace will be the best investment you'll ever make. Hands-down!"
                                                                                          ~ Linda Beach

"Life coach extraordinaire!!!! Gentle, wise and thought provoking guide to reaching for the next level in life and love!!! Thanks to Janet Grace coaching, I have the clarity and tools to handle anything that comes up in life and enjoy life more than ever before.”
                         ~ Nancy Holguins